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STAAR Testing Dates & Grading Periods/UIL Eligibility Dates

Mark your calendars!

Free Meals

All students are eligible for free breakfast and lunch meals for the 2021-2022 school year.

Stay Connected

There are several ways to stay connected to all the great things happening in PAISD!

Letter to Taxpayers

October 12, 2021 Dear PAISD Taxpayers, As you are aware, public schools are funded by local property taxes. The property tax statement you recently received in the mail indicates that you are paying the largest amount of your property taxes to Port Aransas Independent School District. But what we are not allowed to indicate on your tax statement is that the majority of the taxes you pay to PAISD are not actually used for the education of children enrolled here in Port Aransas ISD. It is forwarded to the state of Texas under recapture and is disbursed by the state to other entities. This year, that recapture amount has crept up to 76 cents per dollar paid in M&O taxes. However, please note that zero cents of every dollar paid in taxes to repay voter-approved bonds is sent to the state - those tax dollars are NOT subject to recapture. Property values within the PAISD boundaries increased by 16.71% since last year. Due to 2019 state legislation, the tax rate is compressed (decreased) in accordance with the increased property values which keeps tax revenues for school districts relatively constant. Increased property values do not result in a similar increase in tax revenues for school districts. Due to the increase in property values, the overall tax rate in PAISD dropped 6 cents from 2020 to 2021. The owners of an average home in Port Aransas received a tax statement indicating that $2,446.25 will be paid in taxes to Port Aransas ISD (this amount does not include taxes paid to the city, county, etc.). Here’s the breakdown: $547.95 is used for M&O daily operations in PAISD $163.12 is used to repay voter-approved PAISD bonds $1,735.18 is sent to the state of Texas due to M&O recapture In summary, of the $2,446.25 paid in property taxes to Port Aransas ISD by this homeowner, only $711.07 stays here to be used in Port Aransas ISD. I hope that this additional information concerning your property tax statement has been helpful. If you have any further questions concerning taxes paid to PAISD, please contact me. Sincerely, Sharon McKinney Superintendent of Schools


We're excited to have our gyms at regular capacity for games this year!

Avoid Station Street

Construction on the Olsen Elementary dropoff and pickup area is beginning soon! We're asking all of our community drivers to avoid Station Street in front of the schools during construction, especially during dropoff and pickup times (7:30am-8am, 3:15pm-5:30pm). Thank you for your cooperation as we begin this project to increase safety using bond funds approved by voters in November 2020. #pleaseshare #legacyofexcellence #marlinpriderunsdeep

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