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School Board

Port Aransas Board of Trustees

PAISD School Board Members in their graduation robes.


Mission Statement 

Port Aransas ISD…..

  • inspires all students to reach their full potential through an engaging, student-centered education where a culture of life-long learning is encouraged everyday and in every space to grow and empower every Marlin. 

  • commits to maintaining the highest moral, ethical, and academic standards while providing students with a wide range of unique learning opportunities that inspire pride, integrity, critical thinking, problem solving and resiliency.  

  • aspires to prepare all students for whatever career path they many choose, equipped with a sense of self, sense of community and deep understanding of the skills needed to thrive as an engaged lifelong learner.


A Legacy of Excellence



  1. Enhance curriculum and programming to reflect 21st century learning skills of reasoning, interpretation, artistry, curiosity, imagination and innovation to ensure that all students have myriad options after PAISD.

  2. Grow programs inside and outside the classroom that emphasize ethical decision making, community service, and civic mindedness.

  3. Keep the Marlin community safe through thoughtful application of improved facilities, training, and programming that includes the emotional well being of all our students.

  4. Actively implement the technology plan that remains flexible, responsive, and secure, as well as efficiently addresses the needs of students and staff.

  5. Responsibly manage all budgetary decisions, keeping the student, staff, and community needs central to that process while meeting legal requirements.


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PAISD Policy Manual

BOARDBOOK PREMIER (including meeting agendas)

Board Member Standard Operating Procedures

Board Disclosure Statements

Board of Trustees Continuing Education Report

Board Meeting Dates 2023 – 2024

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Board of Trustee Election Terms


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Contact Information

Port Aransas ISD
100 S Station St.
Port Aransas, Texas 78373
Phone: 361-749-1200
Fax: 361-749-1215