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Technology Department



Thom Driver (361) 749-1200
Information Technology Coordinator & PAHS Teacher

Jeff Moss (361) 749-1200
District Technology Specialist 


Marlin Instructional Technology Team

Thom Driver

Jeff Moss

Meghan Zigmond

Danna Alcorn

James Garrett

David Swartwout

Kelye Garcie

Sharon McKinney

Carly Carlough

Tisha Piwetz


Education Technology Priorities include:

    -  Continued federal technology investment in existing ed tech programs such  as Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) and the Preparing Teachers for Digital Age Learners Act (PTDAL);

    -  Recognition that education technology is central to successful school improvement efforts, including teacher and principal quality and school turnaround, and must be included as part of federal policy and funding priorities; and

    -  Closing the digital divide by following through on efforts to provide all students with access to broadband as well as Internet access to educational materials outside of school hours.



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